Friday, June 6, 2008


Therese and Sophia had their ballet recital a couple weekends ago. Of course, we couldn't take pictures or videos - they *had* someone who taped it.... and for the small price of $35 it could be yours! Blah! - so the pictures are of the girls "behind the scenes".

This was a small homeschooling class of 5 girls. One of the moms had set this class up and was the first time my girls had taken ballet. They learned a lot - although Therese didn't enjoy it as much as Sophia, and she's the one who couldn't wait to *do* ballet!

When we got to the high school where the recital took place, Sophia would NOT let me leave her. At all. I had to go backstage with them and watch their dance from there. She came "this close" to not going out on stage. She was freaking out, crying - then their music began - and just like that she paved the way out on stage. I couldn't believe how she did a 180 in that nano-second! It was priceless! Afterwards, while giving her hugs, I saw her mascara down her face from her freak out! She must've looked awesome from the audience! LOL!

One of the little girls didn't go out. I tried coaxing her...but nothing worked. She wanted her mom and that was that.

I don't know if we'll do ballet again, but it sure was a neat experience.


Christine said...

Cute pictures. I bet they had fun! Pretty pretty pretty!

Regina said...

super cute!!

Christine said...

hee hee....sorry for getting you! I kind of like to have fun with this blogging stuff!!!

Thanks for the comment!

Therese said...

I did ballet when I was Therese's age too. I loved it but because I didn't go up in classes, my mother made me quit.

I love their tutu. They all look very cute.

Sarah Faith said...

Hey that looks like Lena from my church! Cute little ballerinas.

I have a hangup about ballet b/c of my sisters. My girls want to do ballet SO bad but I am holding out hoping it goes away. :-)

Shelly said...

youre right, Sarah, it is Lina.