Wednesday, June 18, 2008

They are the Best!

I love my parents!

Aren't they just adorable?!

Again, this is one of my "cool" shots taken on Father's Day.

We are so very blessed to have them over for dinner every Sunday - okay, not *just* dinner :o) This is a gift my kids will always remember - the gift of knowing their grandparents. Really knowing them. Thank you God for this gift.

This is one of my favorites from the day!


Christine said... have no idea how blessed you are. There are many many of us out here that are children of divorced parents. Because of that I rarely see my dad and that means my kids really do not know their grandpa and it hurts.

PaulaB52 said...

Ok, now I"m the one who's jealous of your camera! I'm loving the color patched ones.

My family is really close with my parents too. We see them every weekend just about. I tell my kids all the time they are lucky, but they don't get it, yet.

My parents are making plans to retire, sell the family home, and move to my property in their own place. That way when they are needed help, they'll already be here for me to take care of them. I pray this will work out.

Shelly said...

oh, Paula! another reason i wish we had a nice piece of land.

i think that too is such a blessing, esp for the see the value in life at all stages and to learn to serve others. Always!

Megan said...

What's not to love about your parents! Tell your mom to have a margarita for me!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to have one of those again!

Shelly said...

my dh's parents are in that boat - so i see both sides, definitely.

Amy Caroline said...

My family is so weird, they don't really value family. In fact when I got married I ranked that low on my priority scale too. Then I saw Hubby's family and that changed everything! When my FIL got sick there was no question that they would come live with us. We thought it was important for him to be surrounded by those he loved as he passed. I am so thankful that my MIL takes my big girls sewing almost every week. They have tea a little tea party and sew stuff. It is such a blessing!! And she is here often too. It makes me so happy to know that our kids will be blessed with their grandma!
As a child of divorce too, I know what you mean. It really has a drastic effect on the value of family. My siblings don't even talk to each other. My mother moved away from all her family at 65! It just blows my mind.

Regina said...

sounds like fun. we are far away from all family so i envy you, a bit ;)

Jessica said...

How fun!!

That is SUCH a cool picture!!! I LOVE it!