Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Honey-Do List and IKEA

My poor husband. He's got such a long Honey-Do list and I just keep adding to it. It's all his fault though. Really. If he didn't know how to do anything, then I wouldn't come up with things for him to do, right? ;) Right!

As if he didn't have enough to do with having his own business - being out of town [OOT], and all the other computery stuff he does! But he complies - and I even think he enjoys it :o)

Projects - lots of projects.

We're doing the schoolroom right now. Trying to get more organization in there. So this idea, of course, snowballed....

We had our piano in there [and our schoolroom is not that big - maybe 12x12 ??] - and we do school at a large table that we got at IKEA with the most comfy chairs - which we got at IKEA. I love our main shelving unit - IKEA again. Anyway...the piano. We decided to sell it [haven't yet] and buy an electric piano [did]. It's much smaller and has weighted keys - it plays just like a regular piano. Plus it has some other instruments you can change to. But BEST of all...it has volume control [envision angels singing that!...] Jealous, aren't you? :0) Any-way [!], we now have that in our "dining room" [pretty much bare, beside a shelving unit]. So that opened up our schoolroom a bit...
Here's the bookcase from IKEA - it is soooo awesome. We got it last year I believe. Now remember, this is a work in progress. . . . this is among all the chaos. This was actually last week. See all the clutter still?

Where do you think I drug my dear husband next? Yep....IKEA! [just in case you missed the first few links]. We got some more shelves and organizational items. So much fun!
We got these 2 shelves. The one above is above our computer nook/station. And see the one below, how it has that cubey compartment thingy on top? Well that used to be inside the cabinet below. I took it out last week to make more useable space in the cabinet. Then it just sat in another 'catch-all' room. I grabbed it last night and just stuck it up there and. . . . . VIOLA! It's so cool. I've got CD's and books all over! It just fits them perfectly :o) Eh - it's the little things!Here's my sister helping. She's actually laminating pictures of the 4 mysteries & Stations of the Cross. Boy, are those sisters at the convent gonna be entertained or what! LOL! Hey, I warned her she'd be on the blog. We'll hang those around the schoolroom. . . someday.

So now we have a computer station:
A work in progress. It used to be - they'd just use my laptop to watch video clips on United Streaming [Videos and such through Georgia Public Broadcasting - awesome homeschool resource], watch their Math-U-See DVD, and things like that. This is going to be great! [We got the little desk at W-Mart for $30 or so]

So that's our schoolroom in progress. I'll give you the final thing in - well, I'm not sure how long.

Then last night after dinner we saw birds playing around outside. They were so cute. I even saw a little hummingbird zooming around. I've never seen a hummingbird just flying around. I've seen them at feeders and at flowers, but never just wandering around. Anyway, I said to Paul, "We need a bird feeder." So after we dropped Kayla off at her voice lessons we went over to Home Depot and got our bird feeder:

The birds have not discovered it yet. I was just telling the kids - but once they do, they're going to tell everyone and we'll have lots of birds at our feeder! The hook is actually one of those "stick-in-the-ground" kinds. You can see in the top picture how Paul used that to his advantage - he drilled 2 holes and just stuck it in. It works perfectly and is absolutely sturdy! Stinkin' thinkin'!

The swingset in the background was a project from last year. We got it from our good friends whose girls had outgrown it. It was disassembled and hauled over here. He put it back together without plans or pictures [though my dad did take pictures as it was being broken down]. Pretty impressive, aye? He even stained it that nice redwood color - the roof is stained the same color as our front porch.

I think he's disposed of his Honey-Do list. I can't find it and I need to add to it :)


Sarah Faith said...

That does it!! I'm coming over!

Paula in MN said...

I have an absurdly long Honey-Do list, but with my dh's hours -- my FIL is the one I turn to! Your sister looks like a lot of fun - just like you!

Karrot's Blog said...

Easy with the pic... I am not happy seeing my 'chubby-ness' on your blog.
"Um... I've seen better!"

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Did you use a wide angle lens to get all of the Chubby-ness into that shot?


Karrot's Blog said...

easy with the chub' comment.