Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gadgets -

When we bought my new laptop a couple months ago I, of course, got the new Windows program Vista.

It's got some pretty neat features. One of the things you can do is have "gadgets" appear on your desktop on your sidebar [they're a little larger than the icons]. There are hundreds of "gadgets" you can put on your computer...

I have 4 on mine. I have my Outlook info - how many are in my inbox, any reminders, etc... - I think I'm going to delete this one though. I just don't use it. Then I have a flower clock. Real cute. And also one that shuffles through My Pictures in slideshow fashion. But my favorite one - bar none - has got to be the weather for the town we live in. How cool is that? Well, actually pretty was 45 degrees this morning when I got on my computer!


Therese said...

45 degrees must be pretty cold. I hate the cold.

Shelly said...

*I* welcome the cool crisp autumn air. I *despise* humid, hot sticky air.