Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where Oh Where?

UPDATE: Camo hat is safe and sound in Dani's room now. As we were driving around today it dawned on me that Joseph [aka: *The* two year old!] has this hiding place where he likes to put all his secret stash of random items. I told Dani to look there when we got home. To no avail. Ahh, but she [or should I say older sister Kayla] did not look in all nooks and crannies. So Mom and St. Anthony to the rescue! Needless to say...she was very thankful and very excited!

--Can Dani's camo hat be? She's misplaced it. She had it on Saturday; a day that she would have to have it, but she couldn't find it when she needed it on Saturday! She hasn't looked high and low...yet. She just knows that she doesn't have it.

--Can Pepi be? She might be in someone's bedroom or...outside. We put a kitty door in the basement door from the kitchen so we could put her litterbox down there. Paul was doing work down in the basement today - building stuff - so he had the basement door opened to the outside. I hope she didn't get out. She's still not fixed :o0

UPDATE: Wow! St. Anthony is on top of it tonight! Just caught Pepi finishing up Charlie's food in his highchair. All is well! I can even envision a camo hat atop his bald head below!


Megan said...

Well, Michael is sure to get some bass pro shop gift cards for his birthday and Christmas, so maybe Paul and Dani can go again and get a few camo hats so she never has to go without!

Shelly said...

she had it sat. morn while cleaning! she and kayla remember this as fact. so it *is* here in the house somewhere!
The next time she goes to BPShop will be to buy some camo pants, I'm afraid. All of Celeste's kids [4 of 'em] were wearing them today and looked, of course, down right adorable! Dani and i got the scoop on where they got them!