Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Little Off the Sides, Please ~

Inspired by this post [John is the same age as Charlie], I wasted no time in trimming Charlie's over-the-ears-hairdo! Thanks, Katherine :O)

These 2 were taken on Sunday. I really do love the baby hair though ::sigh::


Now if only John Paul and Joseph were this easy!


Kelly said...

OH he is so cute!! Love the hair cut!

Therese said...

The hair cut is great. Christopher didn't have a haircut till he was over 2 but tonight I was noticing that it has grown a bit and he could have another one now.

Sarah said...

nice job!

I'm the total opposite of most moms. The second my boy had enough hair to buzz, I got out the 1/8" buzzer attachment and off it came!! If it gets to 1/4" it is time for another hair cut! :-)

Once, my husband forced me to wait a long time (up to almost 3/4" long) to cut it, because he wanted to see if it would curl. It didn't, so I'm in charge again.

"Buzz Happy Mom" :-)