Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Making of an Owl...

We went to the thrift store on Saturday [remember?] where I got the stuff for Sophia's owl costume. I found the brown sweater with fringe on the bottom. And as we were browsing I came upon different fabrics which were hung on hangers. I saw this material - for $1, I might add - and thought: these would make perfect wings for the owl. So that's what my plan was.

So I cut a bunch of feather-shaped pieces out:
And cut 'feathers' at the bottom of the sleeves. That wasn't enough, so I had to cut some more above the ends and then made some 'V' cuts above those.
Found a mask online...stapled some elastic to it. And voila - an owl!
I started to hand-stitch the feathers on - then had a revelation after the first row [the bottom]. I know I have some Stitch-Witchery somewhere! I searched and searched in my sewing basket and finally found it. So that is my secret weapon here!

And I am also very aware how scary the mask looks. She kind of reminds me of some bad 80's slasher-flick character. It really was a cute mask...see?

This was just a dress rehearsal, but for Sophia's sake - I need to put the video on...

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Megan said...

Wow! What an amazing job! She looks great (as do all the other kids, Michael thought Dani looked just great!) Love that stichery witchery!