Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Flicks

My new favorite movie is "Meet the Robinsons" - It is hysterical and heartwarming. I decided to put it in my Netflix queue after seeing it on Faith and Family Flix under "Pro-Life Movies". It's about a boy growing up in an orphanage waiting to be adopted. Gosh, it's just crazy! To me, it's one of those movies that the more you watch it the more you love it. We loved it so much that I ended up buying it from Netflix. My blog songs are all from that soundtrack. Great music!

We quote it all the time... well, mostly the kids. That's "what they do"... they memorize movie lines. Don't know where they get it from! I must admit, they are much better at it than I ever was. But then again they watch things over and over and over again. When we saw a movie, it was once. That's it. Once. We enjoyed it for what it was. As they quote movies I'm thinking, "Gosh, those memories are terrific! No more excuses doing schoolwork." Busted, in a sense.

We also watched an oldie but a goodie - the true story of "The Fighting Sullivans". What a great movie.

Amazing Grace was also good. It's the true story of William Wilberforce an English politician who fought for the abolition of slavery. His mentor was the man who actually wrote the song Amazing Grace. Very inspiring.


Christine said...

I loved the Robinson's also. We own it. It has a terrific message and it is very very entertaining. I love the frog that says...."Master"!

Shelly said...

We are all about that, Christine! "it's just there's a million people over there and i have little arms. i'm just not sure how well thought out this plan was.... Master?" And Goob! He's the best! I love it!

PaulaB52 said...

We haven't seen Robinsons, but the kids want to. I saw Amazing Grace and about the only part of the movie I enjoyed was the funeral scene at the end, even though they played Amazing Grace, it was redeemable since it was on the bagpipes LOL....and I wasn't at Mass! :)

We memorize movie lines too, then work them into our conversations and say "tell me what THAT'S from". I can pratically quote The Two Towers word for word LOL

Jessica said...

We haven't seen Meet the Robinson's. We will have to check it out.

The Fighting Sullivan's is a favorite around here. My boys especially LOVE it!

Thanks for the recommendations!