Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Schoolroom Stuff

I know I'm boring some of y'all to tears. But maybe one person out there is lovin' it! One can only hope!

Our hamster cages used to sit on top of our old piano which was in the schoolroom. The new electic piano - which is smaller - is in another room. So we have a little more space in our schoolroom. We were stumped as what to do with the hamsters. We couldn't put them upstairs in the playroom or in the girls' room - both of those options would be like planning their death. So we decided on this solution:They're in the schoolroom and it works out perfectly! The bottom one is an escape artist; hence the brick on top. See how he also chewed a hole in the top of his hut? This is the little shelf that we put up for the printer to sit on right at our computer nook. It's a wireless printer so from my laptop at my desk in the kitchen I can print. It's nice....when it's working. :o)

For our large puzzles I got those large zip-loc baggies with handles. There's about 6 puzzles in each bag.

Our dry erase markers are out of reach but accessible with this shower basket which I got at Target. I only wish the markers lasted longer than 2 days!

Want to know what my handyman is doing here?

He's making a house [?] for my 2 maps. We used to have our world map tacked to the wall, but with the added shelves we put up, we lost the wall space for those large maps. So we bought some window shades and I glued the maps on with Elmers spray adhesive. I may need to tape down the corners with some packing tape.

He needed to tighten the tension a bit because of the added weight. They work great! I still need to glue the US map. I'll have to post of picture of it hung.


Regina said...

ooooh, i am very jealous of the map idea...might just have to steal it since we have no walls in the school room that are available'

+JMJ+ said...

I'm the one!

What an amazing classroom!

The Wades said...

dang--more guilt because i'm not homeschooling! seeing stuff like this post can make me crave it. looks awesome to me.

just got your comment. you stay up late, too, huh? :)

hamster idea looks fab!

Jessica said...

WOW!!! What an awesome idea for the maps!! I love it!!!

Your schoolroom looks great!

Shelly said...

Shelly - I'm a night owl by nature. I was up laminating and cutting, not to mention going to Adoration.

Danette said...

Awesome map idea! I think I'll try that. Hubby is a big map fan. First, I'll need to get that cool spray, then I'll need to get the maps... :)

Love all you other ideas too!