Monday, August 25, 2008

There's a Fungus Among Us

And that fungus is cancer. Cancer a fungus? That's what Italian doctor, Dr. Simoncini, says.
Doug Kaufmann interviews him here in this video on "Know the Cause". If you scroll down after the video there's a summary of the interview. [I don't like the quality of the video - could be much better]

The statistics of doctors who - if struck with cancer - would refuse chemo... something like 75%!

Here's a little of the article:

What Causes Cancer?
Conventional medicine likes to focus on the impact
of genetics as a causative agent in developing cancer, despite the fact that
research indicates that genetics is not the main cause of this widespread
phenomenon, even though it may play a small role in some people. Unfortunately,
little attention is paid to the impact of plain and simple
Dr. Simoncini’s research has led him to believe that
something as simple as a fungus, Candida, is the leading cause of cancer; that
cancer itself is in fact a fungus. What we refer to as a tumor, is nothing more
than your body’s attempt at protecting itself from that fungus.
brings up an analogy between psoriasis – an “incurable” disease of the skin that
many treat as a fungus – and tumors, which are also an “incurable” disease of
your body. Several
have linked the presence of Candida with cancer, showing that
anywhere between 79 to 97 percent of all cancer patients also have
Dr. Simoncini’s explanation for how this phenomenon works –
how Candida leads to deadly cancer – is that it’s a consequence of the weakening
and exhaustion of your organs, and eventually your entire body, in the following
Candida roots itself in your deep connective tissue in various
As a result, this evokes an organic defensive reaction as the
connective tissue of your invaded organ attempts to encyst the fungin colonies
through cellular hyper-production, which results in the formation of tumors
Growths continue as the fungi spreads, both in your surrounding tissue, and
remotely (aka “metastatis”). It is still always the same Candida attacking
different tissues, but due to its highly adaptive qualities it is able to mutate
to adapt itself to whatever environment it finds itself in, hence the various
types of tumors
Your body becomes progressively more exhausted, which allows
the fungi to spread and take over more rapidly
You die from
If Cancer is a Fungus, Then What is the Cure?
In the
video, Dr. Simoncini shows actual before-and-after footage of both bronchial
cancer and colon cancer. Four days after his revolutionary and mind-blowingly
simple treatment for bronchial cancer with a sodium bicarbonate and water flush,
the tumors are gone…
Sodium bicarbonate, a.k.a baking soda, is the most
potent anti-fungal substance there is. The problem with anti-fungal drugs,
however, is that fungi are extremely adaptive, and can adapt to a new
environment in three to four days. This renders anti-fungal drugs largely
ineffective. The fungi do not adapt to the baking soda, but it is far more
difficult to use as it needs to be injected directly into the tumor; swallowing
the baking soda would not work at all.
Candida yeast is not “one shared
element,” so to speak, but rather “social elements,” or colonies, that are
highly communicative.
Because of their unique adaptation skills, sodium
bicarbonate must be administered directly onto the tumor, and in so doing
changing its ph very quickly, from acid to alkaline, which quickly and
effectively kills off the yeast before it has time to adapt.
example, Dr. Simoncini’s experience has shown that 99 percent of breast- and
bladder cancer can heal in just six days, entirely without the use of surgery,
chemo or radiation, using just a local infiltration device (such as a catheter)
to deliver the sodium bicarbonate directly to the infected site in your breast
tissue or bladder.

The comments after the article are also very informative. Many posts by naturalists and doctors alike. I really believe that the big pharm businesses don't a cure to be found. Why would they? It's disgusting, but don't you think that researchers also don't want the "cure" to be so simple? They won't get funding and have jobs if a cure was found. Maybe it's a stretch, but I think there's something to that. Sadly.

There was also someone in our homeschool group who was recently diagnosed with 2 forms of cancer - probably within the last 3 months. She decided against chemo/radiation treatment and went with an alternative treatment. From what I understand, her prognosis is great.

Maybe someone out there could benefit from this information. That is my hope. There are many U.S. doctors out there that are using alternate treatments. Some of them even posted on the comments.

St. Peregrine, pray for us. Pray that a cure for cancer may be found and put into action quickly. Open the hearts and minds of the medical community... that they humble themselves for the good of mankind. May a cure be readily available to all who are afflicted with this terrible disease.


PaulaB52 said...

I've always said that doing chemo is probably the worst thing. Though, that being said, when my mom was diagnosed w/breast cancer, she took chemo & radiation and now has been cancer free for almost 5 years. Would she be cancer free with alternative methods? I don't know.

Thanks for sharing this article.

Christine said...

Thanks for the article...very good info!