Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Romantic -

Our 18th anniversary is next Sunday, the 17th - and he's taking me to Houston to go visit my brother and his wife, Nina. It's going to be a fun trip. We'll fly out Friday afternoon, arrive 5ish and then leave Sunday afternoon.

Say a prayer for my sister who will be watching them this weekend. I'm a little nervous for her. I know they'll have fun, but I'm worried since they don't have their psycho mom to keep them in line that they'll be difficult for her. And I'm speaking frankly about the boys - and more precisely, Joseph. It'll be fine. Right?

It's the first time I've been away from my Charlie though - and at 20mo is still nursing. Mostly at before bedtime. There are some days when he doesn't nurse at all and some days he'll nurse throughout. So that will be interesting. I hope we both do well - IYKWIM.
It'll be very different hanging out with my brother without kids. I'll miss them, but they won't miss me [well, maybe Charlie] - they love their Aunt Karen very much! It'll be a blast of a weekend for them as well :o)


Soutenus said...

Happy Anniversary early!
You'll be in my neck of the woods.

Christine said...

Oh have a good time. The kids will be fine. You have fun and enjoy. Everyone needs a break and time to refresh and become better wives and mothers.

God Bless you both!

Karrot's Blog said...

Oh... don't worry about me... I am not nervous... minus the possible broken bones on the second youngest... everything will be fine!
I am looking forward to keeping them.... only hoping that the last precious moments with them won't be memories that they have of me screaming at them!!!!! Just kidding we'll have fun... I am planning Sat. dinner right now... hum... cheetos and hot chocolate? I'll be a fav!

momto5minnies said...

I'm sure I would be a little nervous too, but the time away will probably be great for all of you.

How romantic. My husband and I were just talking about how it would be so nice if he and I could just take 3 days doing nothing, but hanging out on the beach. We both feel a need to relax and recharge.

Jessica said...

Oh how nice!! I hope you have a wonderful time!

Happy Anniversary a few days early!