Friday, August 29, 2008

Super Commenter

Thank you, Therese, for this award!

Personally, I like to leave comments. The bloggers I visit know this :o)

Likewise, I like to receive comments. But the "rules of acceptance" state that 7 bloggers must be nominated... I rarely have 5! Okay, okay... let's see.

1. What's in a Name - Washingtonians
2. Mom to 5 Minnies
3. Shower of Roses
4. A Crocus in the Valley
5. Living a Simple Life and a Pure Faith
6. Laura the Crazy Mama
7. Knit Together

Now remember, to accept this award you must pass it on to 7 others. Have fun!

Let me make this clear for people who "don't get it" - I have no idea! I'd say do whatchya feel like! If you want to do top commenters, sounds logical to me. But if you don't have that many friends commenters then, sorry, can't help ya ;)


Therese said...

YOur welcome. I love leaving comments to Shelly.

Regina said...

i dont get it. do you nominate the top people who leave you comments? must know the rules before i accept ;)

Jessica said...

Ah! Thanks Shelly!! You'll be in my top 7 too! :o)

The Wades said...

I love your comments. I need to create myself a blog roll. Sometimes the only way I find people's blogs again is when they leave me a comment. Thanks for always saying hi to me! :)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Why, THANK YEWWWWWW. I'd like to thank all the little people who made this award possible. All the late nights I spent, commenting like crazy on every blog who's owner thunk just like meeeeee...on most things. ALL the bloggers who did things I wish I did or lived places I wish I lived.
THANK YEWWWWWWW (holding up my cupped hands, making that "large crowd cheering" sound).
You're too kind, sit down, sit down...
Most of all, I'd like to thank my mom, who (though she drives me crazier and crazier) gave me the "gift" of never being able to shut up. Also, my dad, who gave me the gift of being a huge smart-ass.
I come from a long line of gabbysmartasses.
They must be so proud of me on this beautiful occasion.
And so, because my blogbff Shelly has bestowed upon me this great honor, I will humbly accept it but (because I'm also a huge LAZYass) regret that I can't pass it on to anyone else (except to pass it back to YOU).
Oh no, please stop!
Sit down, sit down!
(crowd chanting "Low-rah, Low-rah, Low-raaaaaaaaaa)

Shelly said...

Laura, you're too funny :o)

is that a glamour shots, btw?