Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guess Where We Went Tonight!

Go on. Guess.
Okay - I'll tell you:
I'm tellin' ya - if you've never been, you have no idea what I'm talking about. You can't even look online or through their catalog unless you've been there first. Portland, Seattle, Twin Cities, Houston - you've got one! The prices are great and the engineering is awesome. A kid in a candy shop, I tell ya. There's even a restaurant in there, so you can keep up your energy and that of your kids'. If you choose to bring them. You may want to bring your dh though. He'll need to carry and load all the heavy stuff.

Put it this way. Paul is going to be busy tomorrow. He promised!


PaulaB52 said...

We drove to IKEA to buy our dining room table 5 years ago. So worth it!

We've also been to the IKEA in Pittsburg, we were on vacation and when we saw an IKEA, we had to go!

Have fun. Put the littles in the daycare. :)

Therese said...

hee hee. My bedroom and lounge have ikea furniture in it. When we do the other rooms we will go back to them.

We even did our own kitchen from there. If you want to see our ikea kitchen go to my blog and look at the home improvements tab.

Ikea is about a three and a half hour drive from our house but so worth the effort.

Christine said...

We have one in the Twin Cities. They are a lot of fun. I wish I could win the lottery and have them come do my whole house. I am sit of the garage sale junky shelves in the garage. Plastic is breaking apart Etc....

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

I sooo love IKEA!!! We go the the one in Frisco, TX...about an hour from us. My daughter's entire room is done in IKEA and we have so many other items I can't even list them. So glad you got to go.

Hubby said next time he's sending me with the truck and my sister. He's so NOT interested in walking through that whole place. :) Oh well. His loss.

Regina said...

i tried to go to the portland one once when dropping off my sister at the airport but i couldnt find the entrance. guess i gotta find the seattle one been wanting to go!