Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Houston Trip

Warning: major puppyage included in this post

You'd think that I'd show pictures of my brother, but no. This is his new toy that he just got on Saturday. His Buddy scooter.

Nobody really looks that great in a helmet, I've decided. Maybe some burley Harley dudes, but not I!I think Nina was doing a bit of training here with their new pup, Swayze. I would say that this has to do with more "potty training", but Swayze happens to be of the more gentler gender. :o)Little Swayze... she is so sweet. She's got the sweet puppy breath, that roly poly belly, the floppy run, the klutziness that comes with puppyhood, the occasional "oops" and piranha sharp teeth! "This too shall pass".
Cue Stevie Wonder... "You are the sunshine of my life... yeah" - until those middle-of-the-night wake-ups. :o)
Remember the piranha teeth?
Okay... we need another babyWe had such a great time this weekend! Friday we really just hung around and ate at their house. Chris grilled some potates/onions and chicken. Afterwards Chris brought out this big chocolate cake [in celebration of my birthday which was last week] - and as he's getting it out of the container, he and Nina made a quick change of plans... we went to "The Chocolate Bar" instead. They still put 4 candles on [I'll let you figure that out!] and I blew them out and we headed out the door.

At the Chocolate Bar I'm the only one who ordered a "slice" of cake. Huge. And $10! I enjoyed it more the next day at breakfast! Yes, I had a lot left over. Chris enjoyed it too.

Actually, Chris bought some tamales at a little tamale shop, cut some up and put them in with some scrambled eggs and then he wrapped them in tortillas. That with homemade cappuccinos... awesome!

Saturday night Paul and I stayed at a nice hotel downtown - Sunday was our anniversary and he wanted to do something special. Chris and Nina thoroughly enjoyed all the complimentary goods that our hotel provided. "Yeah, I'll take a chardonnay and 10 chocolate chip cookies." Yes, Chris, I'm still laughing 'bout that one!

They took us to the Astros game Saturday night. Wow, those Diamondbacks had quite the fun game! We left at the 7th inning. There were some cookies calling our names! We went to Tipanos for dinner @ 9pm. It was a great night.

Here are Chris and Nina downing all the complimentary beer during "Happy Hour". They were happy!

Sunday morning they met us and we all walked to Mass. The Annunciation is the 2nd oldest Catholic Church in Houston. It was magnificent! Make sure to scroll down from the link to the church - all those pictures! Karen, everything that I tried explaining to you... is in those pictures. Make sure to go to page 2 too!

After Mass we went to brunch at a quaint little place. The food was extremely good. The exciting part was when Nina tackled the waitress in order to get our complimentary cinnamon rolls! Nice goin' Nina!

Thank you both for an extremely fun, memorable and blessed trip! Oh and give Swayze a good ol' belly rub for me!


PaulaB52 said...

Shelly, We love Houston! Before we had kids, we used to pop over for a long weekend every few months or so.

Glad you all had a good trip. How did your sister do with your kids?

Karrot's Blog said...

Those are great pics....!
I love the 'buddy'

In response to Paula: I had a BLAST with the kidos! We always have a great time together... no need to worry!

Regina said...

ahhh, houston. WAY too humid and hot!! but the black car in one of those pictures sure does love it. why would you put that on your window??

LOVE love love the doggie!! super sweet. are they dirty dancing fans or what?

happy late bday!

Vicki said...

Glad you all had fun! The dog looks like a cutie pie.

Jessica said...

Great pictures!!! Looks like you had lots of fun! Happy Birthday!

Christine said...

That dog is sweet...what a fun time with family.

The Wades said...

Love that puppy! My puppy has lost his sweet puppy breath. :( Your trip sounds like it was great...and kid free! Happy late birthday and anniversary.