Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Shower for "The Princess"

Last Saturday I threw a shower for one of my best friends. Many of you know her - whether in person or through the blogosphere. For those of you who don't, she's pregnant with #5 with 4 boys in her brood. She's due toward the end of this month - though I know she'd be glad to "go at any time". She is holding out hope that the baby is born on the 18th. You can read more about her story/pregnancy here. And the reason she'd like the baby to be born on that date is because that's her son Matthew's birthday.

The "Princess", as you've probably guessed, is #5! And if you read the link up above you know that she's been a long awaited #5!
Before everyone arrived Charlie decided to climb up onto the table to play with the bunch of balloons [this is the boy who *LOVES* balls and balloons - not to mention climbing]. So instead of immediately grabbing him and reprimanding him... I grabbed my camera! "But of course!" [French accent]. And the boy was in festive attire with his sisters' dress-up clothes... cute.One of my friends made these cute little ducky cookies...And another one of my friends made this beautiful cake...
Below are Megan's mom and aunt who flew in for the shower...We played the "Toilet Paper" game - where each person has to tear off how many squares she thinks will fit around the expectant's belly. After everyone has taken from the roll, the Prego is measured and a winner is declared. Only 12 squares?!

The basket below is filled with gorgeous receiving blankets made by Megan's mom. We all went ga-ga over them! They have crocheted edges - I don't recall the stitch name, but they were saying it's very simple. Simple or not, we all want Bruce to teach us how to make them. She comes back in 3wks and said she'd be happy to give a lesson... or 2 :O) And, yes, Megan's mom's name is Bruce. She really needs to write a post on all the male gendered names in her family - and I'm not talkin' about names for the boys! I tried to zoom in on the picture to show the crocheted edges, but it won't save like that. And no, I didn't try in Photoshop - which we ended up buying the other night.

Megan and I are in the middle - not sure if the others would mind their names in here, so we'll just call them "Cake Maker" and "Ducky Cookie Maker", respectively ;)

Showers are so funny - all the oooo's and awwww's that accompany each unwrapped gift!

Megan ~ you, Catherine and all the boys are in our prayers. May God grant you a speedy and safe delivery so that we can all snuggle with that little blessing!


Regina said...

looks like fun!

Christine said...

OH how how exciting. I will keep peeking in to see what her little princess looks like and what she names her. How super exciting. I have only one girl and because she is the only one.....she is my spoiled princess. Lots and lots of dresses. Lots and lots of bows.

Paula in MN said...

She looks GREAT!!!! I'm sending her a gift in the mail, but I want to know what she DIDN'T get -- will you email me and let me know? Also -- you or Kent had BETTER let me know when she delivers!!!

Jessica said...

Wow! You threw quite the shower!! It all looks so pretty and pink!

The cake and cookies are Awesome!!

Also, I just loved seeing what you look like, and putting a face to your name so to speak!! (I don't think I had seen one yet.) Super cute pictures!

Megan said...

Shelly, I can't thank you enough for this beautiful day! You and your family have been such an amazing blessing to me, Kent, the boys and Catherine. We are savoring every minute left in GA with you all, you are truly going to be the hardest thing to leave behind. Honestly if it wasn't for you all Kent probably would have taken the job back in January when it was first offered.

The Wades said...

So intrigued by the name Bruce. I would love to hear the other male gendered names. If she ever does write a post about it, please let me know.

Beautiful shower. Hope all goes well and fast for delivery #5.

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday Morning, Shelly - my sister and I had a blast at the shower. It was great to finally meet you, Paul and your precious family ...and to meet Meg's homeschooling circle of friends. What a great group of "Moms". What encouraging hope for our children and our future.

Thanks for letting us "crash" the shower and for honoring Megan and baby Catherine with such a special event. It was great from start to finish. (I hosted a baby shower the following week that paled in comparison. I'll trade you receiving blanket lessons for baby shower planning tips!)

If you want to go to Hobby Lobby w/me while I'm in Atlanta, I can show you the fabrics, crochet thread and hook that work best for the blankets and then get you started on our family tradition.

Appreciate the interest in the male gendered name, "Bruce". That was my Dad's nickname (short for his surname, Broussard). The doctor told my mom that her pregnancy w/me would likely be her last full term. She and Dad decided then if it was a boy, the name was Bruce Broussard; a girl - Bruce Ann Broussard. My name has been fun-filled blessing throughout my life and a wonderful icebreaker when meeting people.

My parents fancied names that were uncommon in the 40's and 50's:
Firstborn - Mooneen Claire (Neen)
Second - Deidra Jean (Dee)
Third - Bruce Ann (Brucie/Bruce)
Fourth - Corey (C.O.)- yes, they finally did have a son.

Kudos to my parents for their propensity to choose unusual names! I also tell people that when my parents finally had a boy four years after me, they named him "Sue". (And I can't tell you how many people REALLY believe that!)

And, yes, the tradition continues. Megan's older sister is named "Bryan".

Thank you again for the beautiful shower for Megan and for your wonderful hospitality. Hope to see in Atlanta.

Gotta jet...time for church, worship and scripture.

"I thank my God every time I remember you." Philippians 1:3

God bless you, Paul and your precious family,

P.S. You and Paul have a beautiful home...lots of love there!

Megan's Mom said...

...meant to write "Megan's Mom" as my identity for comment 7...:)