Friday, September 18, 2009

The Bee's Knees

Thank you Regan!!!

Earlier this month I won this giveaway @ a place for everything. And today, I received it! I had no idea what it would be, but let's just say that I was totally thrilled!


Regan, you made my day! And you are the bee's knees. Thank you so much for the handmade bag and all the teacher goodies :)

I was secretly hoping that Regan herself was tucked away in that little box... a little weekend getaway... " look how fast you can get here!"


regan said...

i did entertain the idea of trying to fit in that little box-i've never been to gA-but i shudder to think what it'd cost to ship ME.
but someday you are coming to los angeles, so remember me when you do!
i am so glad you are pleased shelly!
i know it wasn't much-but so perfect for a homeschoolin' mama.
hugs across the miles....

Sarah - Kala said...

So cute and so regan all over it! She's a blessing, yeah?

Sarah said...

VERY cute tote bag! And fun supplies! What a sweet gal Regan is =)