Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Giveaway!

[because my hubby gets into this more than I do! LOL]

I challenged him to make something for a giveaway - and 3 days later it was complete. I didn't really think he'd take me up on it. And no, it's not a new schoolroom table.

So, here is the statue pedestal Paul created...

Now let's be clear about this, the Infant of Prague is NOT part of the giveaway [nor are the bananas in the background!]. LOL! This was just to give an idea of how purdy it'll look in your own home :)

So if you'd like to have this pedestal, leave a comment in my comment box. I will be choosing a winner on October 1st - next Thursday - on the Feast of St.Therese. Feel free to spread the word and Good luck to all of you!

Oh, and as extra incentive - my dad said he was going to donate a gift to go with this - also handmade. But that is to remain a surprise!

Good Luck!


regan said...

i'm first.
that is a nifty little pedestal.
but don't feel any pressure to pick me:)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

oh wow, how cute. he's very talented. :) thanks,

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'll take the counter-top... it's in the picture! My counters look like some kind of mad, clawed creature scrabbled up them to get to the dust bunnies on top of my cupboards.

Actually, that's a really neat pedistal! That little drawer is perfect for donations (for good deeds, etc.) for the kids to bring to church. Love it.

Elizabeth said...

How Lovely!
I have a beautiful statue of Our Lady, Mother of the Unborn that would fit Perfectly on top of that pedestal!
Your Husband is very talented.
Pax Christi!

Kelly said...

I'd love to be included in on this giveaway! Your husband does beautiful work.

Thank you for this opportunity :)

Christine said...

I love it!!

Regina said...

wow, paul is a handy guy, you should keep him around!!

pick me!


Sara said...

That's simply beautiful and beautiful in it's simplicity.

Sarah - Kala said...

Oh, oh, oh, pick me, pick me, pick me!!! I love hand crafted wood items. My dad made me a bird house I can't put out in the yard 'cos I want to keep it forever. I have an infant of Prague already Who needs that pedestal!

Anonymous said...

last as always....pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me

oma said...

That is very well made pedestal. I have the perfect spot for it.

Now I don't want you to feel
guilty if I don't win this. Just remeber I give a very painful birth to Paul.LOL

Aussie Therese said...

great prize Shelly. I would love to win it. Maybe if I did I could talk Steve into getting me a St. Therese Statue.

Therese said...

I would love to win!!! That pedestal is beautiful, and I have my Mom's St. Therese statue to go upon it!!!

Jessica said...

How fun! What a cute pedestal!! I'd love to be entered. =)

Anonymous said...


This is Mandy from Agco Finance. Your husband keeps us in business because he keeps the phones in good order.
By the way, I'm enjoying your "The keeper of the keys" very much.
And the little pedestal, made by Paul is adorable.