Friday, September 11, 2009

spacing woes

am i the only one who has spacing problems when posting. sometimes i want 2 or 3 spaces in btwn lines, but when i 'publish' it shows all the lines together (no spaces). EVEN IF I TRY TO EDIT, it won't fix it.

i don't even know where to go on blogger to find out an answer.

any thoughts?

[okay, so this post it worked, but if you look on the post below.... toward the bottom, see all those periods in btwn my little headings such as "Moon"??? I had to put them in there to break up the lines. there were no spaces, no matter how many times i edited the post.]


Regina said...

usually if you go into html or edit html OF THE POST (not they compose tab) and enter your enters (returns) there it will work. if not you can manually type in <..div> at the start of the sentence then <../div> at the end of the sentence then again at the next spot it should split them up (can do this in either html mode or compose). so even if you type it
<..div> regina <../div> <..div> regina <../div>
it will post it

NOW, to keep the comment from following the html code i couldnt enter it the way you would on the blog. on the blog enter it WITHOUT the .. before the / or before the div
as usual, i likely didn't make any sense.

Shelly said...

thanks regina, you are way too kind to *try* and explain something technical to me via computer -- there's so much script in my post, i can't make heads or tails of it. i don't know where i'm at in the post looking at the html - i'm just sick of blogger not being user-friendly!!!!

Jessica said...

I have this problem occasionally too, though Regina has already explained how I fix it as well... It is frustrating. :(