Friday, September 18, 2009

Pieces of School

moon sand... pretty evil.  hint: wet it a bit :)  Vacuum over-used during school!

Animals and generic Jenga blocks

Therese has those Schleich barnyard animals which I stole from her borrowed from her for the schoolroom.  I have a box full of jenga blocks to use as building blocks for the animals [I must confess here that I had just thrown away 2 sets of Jenga blocks from the kids playroom.  They were always one of those things I find pieces of here and there and EVERYWHERE!  Our nice neighbor just gave the kids some toys which she'd kept at her house for her grandkids - who no longer wanted those things.  So we scored some more.... you guessed it.  Jenga blocks!  But they're generic, hence no "Jenga" burned into the pieces of wood!]  Holds attention for at least 15mins!  At least, if I'm lucky.

...studying The Fall this weekPhotobucket
~"B" week~
a 'B' glued with many paper balls! Fascinating!

Their 3-D stars...
Coming weeks in science:  the sun, the planets, comets, asteroids and meteors!