Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just Thought You Should Know:

Paul will start building an ark soon!


Christine said...

We finally got rain!!! It has been so dry here in MN. Sounds like crazy weather for you guys.

Love all the homeschooling activities!

Regina said...

yeah, i didnt get the ark thing on FB. . . then i saw the news. you guys ok?

motherhen68 said...

I hope you don't flood, but at the same time, this has got to be good for the GA drought, right?

Shelly said...

yeah, we were out of a drought months ago [water levels back to where *they* like them to be]. there is tons of flooding 'round here though. We're fine b/c we're up higher, thank God.
i'll try and post the picture my dad sent of their neighborhood "pool" - amazing!
the sun is out today!

Jessica said...

Glad you all are ok!!

J &D's Family said...

I didn't see that picture of the vnh flooding!!!