Monday, September 14, 2009


You can not study stars without learning about constellations - something Therese, Sophia and John Paul have LOVED learning about. Our first 4 days of school, and we've read most of our library books [and I thought I reserved too many on this first topic!]. We read some pretty interesting books - some have really awesome pictures too.

I also got these 3 books from Dover Pub. which is a wonderful resource and very reasonably priced.


Orion the Hunter

The two smaller books are sticker books. The solar system one has the planets, moon, sun, comets, etc stickers and the child has to match them onto the corresponding descriptive card. I plan on putting these on a posterboard and hanging them in our schoolroom.

The other are glow in the dark stickers. I'll let the girls put these on a posterboard and then we'll hang them from the ceiling. Of course, this means the night light has to go!

Saturday night Paul was over a neighbor's house watching the Buckeyes lose almost win! They were in the guy's backyard around his firepit and somehow had a TV out there as well... anyway...the kids were all playing around outside wreaking havoc playing as the dads were acting like a bunch of psychos screaming all sorts of things at the TV enjoying each other's company watching a great game. Anyway, there is a point to this rambling and it does have to do with the title of this here post...

So, around 9pm Sophia and John Paul barge into the house [where I am planning for the upcoming school week] in voices a tad too loud for my liking, but they were so very excited as they said, "Mommy! You can see Pegesus out there, really you can, I saw the triangle!! I didn't see the triangle but I think I saw the square (says Sophia after John Paul). Come and seeeeee!!!!"

So I went out there with them and shut off the front porch light before shutting the door and stood in the front yard and looked up. As I did this John Paul is yelling at me, "No Mommy, you have to go to Jessica's backyard!" (our neighbor across the street)


There were only like three stars in the sky that I could see - maybe my eyes hadn't adjusted to the darkness, but they were thinking that the stars are really far apart in the sky's appearance.

Yeah, we'll be reserving more books on constellations!

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Elizabeth said...

LOL. I love that they thought you had to go across the street to see the constellations...
Blessings, E