Wednesday, September 23, 2009

St. Pio and Therese!

Could you describe a saint as The Best? Well, I don't care - Padre Pio is the best! (I do say that of many saints and I do mean it each and every time) I love hearing stories and snippets of his life. Super Intriguing. A Supersaint!

Sept. 23, 1968 - Padre Pio died at 2:30am. His last words were, "Jesus, Mary". The Father Guardian of the monastery stated that 10 mins. after Padre Pio's death, all traces of the stigmata on his hands, feet and side, had disappeared.

Here are highlights of his life.

Here is a Litany of Padre Pio.

And you've got to go read this personal story Charlotte posted on her blog. Beautiful story!

Coloring page here
We'll have a sausage and pasta dish to celebrate St. Pio's feast day (hopefully something like this) and to celebrate Therese's anniversary of her Baptism! This day 9 yrs. ago you entered God's family, Therese. We love you Theresey Poo!

You may remember my post on the movie of his life. I also just went on to Netflix and reserved this movie about Padre Pio too. I'm excited to see how they'll differ. It'll be hard to compete with the one I've already seen, in my opinion.
pray, hope and don't worry!
St. Pio, pray for us


Jessica said...

Happy Feast of St. Pio!

Jessica said...

Well... At least it is still his feast day here! =)

Christine said...

My favorite Saint!!!