Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smiles Everyone! Smiles!

We had to go to Target tonight.  And whenever we go to the store - I don't care how long we're there or how not long we're there - 9yo Therese always has to use the restroom.  There's one in every family, I know.  My sister was the one in my own.

So, staying true to her character, Therese went to the restroom as Paul waited near the restrooms for her...

(Therese exiting the restroom)

Therese:  Daddy, you have to pay for paper towels in there!

Paul: What?!  What do you mean?

Therese: You have to pay for paper towels.  There's a money thing on it. So I couldn't dry my hands.

Paul:  Ah.  Those aren't paper towels.

Therese:  They're not?  What are they?

Paul:  Uuuuu.... Go ask your mother.


Megan said...

At least she's a girl! I hate it when the boys ask. John was the latest after Catherine had gotten into my bathroom cupboards...."What are these sticks for anyways?"

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........was all I could say.

regan said...

my boys always thought it was a candy machine....and couldn't understand why i wouldn't buy them any...as if we should be eating food stored in a restroom...duh!
poor dad.
he handled it well.

Sara said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Can you say 'awkward'? How many awkward moments with how many of our kids do we have to have with those machines?

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! Just what I needed to start my day!

Regina said...

ugh, i hate those things. the kids always ask what they are. i just say 'you'll find out when you are older'